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As Rekkr or Thora  Frœknhammer, you embark on a heroic mission to track down their missing kin and Thrazoc's legendary group of adventurers from within the imposing Mt Gorghul!

Navigate your way through 6 expansive and challenging maps guaranteed to put your sleuth, strategic abilities and battle skills to the test! Experience approximately 6 hours* of fully-featured action & adventure role-playing complete with: character levelling, gear acquisition, skill progression, real-time combat, special attack skills & abilities, hundreds of monster battles, numerous quests, hidden caches & gems to discover, and much more!  After defeating the final boss in an epic battle, you'll realize Delving Deep's quest doesn't end there!

Stay tuned! Chapter 2 is in the works!

*5-6+ hours when all 6 levels are fully-completed and played at the Journeyman difficulty setting

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